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IMG_7295 Saratoga Peak PerformanceBryan is very excited about the “re-launch” of Saratoga Peak Performance as “The Training Center of Excellence”.   His company is dedicated to delivering the very best sports-specific, athletic-enhancement and injury-reduction programs for athletes of all ages and skill levels as well as helping adult personal training clients reach their specific fitness goals.

“We aren’t just an athletic training facility helping school-aged and collegiate athletes achieve their goals although we have been extremely successful in that regard and that’s what we’re known for.  We also take a great deal of pride in helping adults of all ages and fitness levels reach their specific fitness goals and that’s why we changed our name from an athletic training facility to The Training Center of Excellence.

People in the US are living much longer now so it’s extremely important to set goals on how you want to live those “Golden Years!  There’s absolutely no reason why all of us can’t sustain or improve our overall fitness level in order to enjoy a higher quality of life.  Helping our clients stay healthy or improving a previously sedentary lifestyle is what the Saratoga Peak Performance mission statement is all about.

“I just celebrated my sixty-second birthday so I’m well aware of how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition, proper rest, hydration, stress management and age-appropriate workouts. I know I sound very biased, but because of my age and previous experience of being trained by other trainers, I genuinely believe I can relate better to the over forty-age group in terms of their physical fitness and recreational sports goals.”

Throughout the day, “The Training Center of Excellence” utilizes group classes integrating the best principles of yoga, pilates, barre, cardio kick-boxing, functional strength, athletic movement and mobility, all with the sole purpose of helping you improve your ability to move better, become stronger, more flexible while enjoying a physically-active lifestyle.  “There’s nothing more gratifying than helping someone achieve a higher level of fitness whether it’s weight-loss, rehabilitating a nagging injury or muscle weakness or simply helping a client improve their ability to complete basic tasks around their home.”  All of us have an athlete inside of us; you don’t have to compete in an organized event in order to call yourself an athlete!  We want to help every client discover their most optimal strategy for helping them develop and enjoy a better level of fitness and vitality.”