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RULE#8… Eat Like a Diabetic!

Imagine for a moment.  You go to your doctor and find out that you have diabetes.  If you have any regard for your life then you’d have no choice but to change your eating habits.  The good news is that’s it’s not as hard as many believe.  I have several clients with diabetes and all of them get to eat a lot of food without necessarily feeling deprived.  Twenty years ago, I entered nine all-natural bodybuilding shows over a three year period.  In order to lean up and achieve a very low body fat required to compete on stage, I ate exactly as if I were a diabetic.  That meant consuming high-quality lean protein including eggs, fish, white chicken and turkey beast along with lots of “fibrous carbs”( vegetables such as string beans, kale, spinach, squash, zucchini, broccoli, asparagus) while cutting out high-starchy carbs such as pasta, bagels, potatoes, white rice.  I was allowed to consume good complex carbs such as quinoa, brown rice and small sweet potatoes for my post-workout meals.  I also enjoyed real oatmeal in the morning with my egg whites.  I’m not going to lie.  Giving up sweets wasn’t easy.  That took some real disciple and I had a few setbacks when first getting started.  However, to help curb my sweet tooth I relied upon sugar-free jello and frozen whey protein pops.  Instead of drinking my chocolate protein, I froze it into popsicles.  No doubt I lost a lot of the nutritional value by freezing my protein but it enabled me to stay the course during those evening hours when your body screams for sugar.  Those frozen pops helped me get rid of my sweet tooth and achieve the low body fat necessary to compete in bodybuilding.  To this day, twenty years later, I still utilize those bodybuilding nutritional habits as do all of my diabetic clients.  Each of those individuals will tell you that eating healthy in order to stabilize blood sugar levels to help control their diabetes isn’t that difficult.